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INDEPENDENT STUDY USING MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Fat Loss Technology in China Backed by Research - A controlled study conducted in Salzburg used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to gauge and observe the effect of HYPOXI® training on stubborn fat located around parts of the lower body. The subjects taking part in the test completed a total of eight sessions of HYPOXI® training in the L250 over a two week period. In order to gather data for analysis, an MRI was conducted on each subject both before and after the training phase. 

Effective fat burning as shown by MRI

As shown in the images produced during the study, the subject experienced a reduction in the fat in various areas around the lower body at the end of the HYPOXI® L250 training period. When combined with the results demonstrated in the table below, the evidence confirms that fat loss occurred during HYPOXI® training and could not be attributed to loss of fluids.

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25 Jan 1999
08 Feb 1999

In 2010, Professor Christoph M. Bamberger and his team from the Medical Prevention Centre in Hamburg set out to establish whether HYPOXI really is more effective at targeted fat and cellulite reduction than a regular workout.