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HYPOXI® Dermology

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Beautiful, firm skin is a symbol of health and youth. What would you give to turn back the clock and eliminate the signs of aging or careless years? Just as the body needs to be trained in order to stay in top condition, so does your skin. HYPOXI-Dermology is a highly effective method for skin training. This patented technology combines vacuum cupping and compression massage to eliminate the signs of aging. The skin becomes firmer, stronger and simply looks younger.

Firm skin

HYPOXI-Dermology is a unique treatment based on the ancient technique of cupping. It comprises of 400 active vacuum chambers around the stomach, hips, buttocks and thigh areas. What used to be a time consuming and labour intensive treatment which could only be administered by hand, is now applied in a comfortable and time saving manner with HYPOXI. The vacuum massage and compression therapy methods work in all the targeted areas at a mild intensity. Therefore the treatments are completely safe and can be effectively used in areas of weak connective tissue.

Enriches blood with nutrients

Applying low pressure – Vacuum therapy

The application of low pressure causes the blood to be enriched with nutrients and oxygen. Apart from the health benefits, this has the effect of stimulating your metabolic rate.

Eliminates toxins

Applying high pressure – Compression Therapy

The application of high pressure to the skin forces undesired toxins out of the tissue and improves the lymphatic system and circulation.
During the treatment, the skin is gently pulled and then slowly pushed back into its normal state. Through this gentle movement the skin is trained.
As a result, the skin becomes smoother, firm and elastic. Apart from radiating youth and beauty, healthy skin serves to protect the internal organs.

The HYPOXI-Dermology Comfort Lounger integrates ancient therapy with state of the art technology. The in-built computer system can be individually programmed so each client achieves optimal elimination of toxins. The treatment itself is relaxing, comfortable and effective. Results can be felt and seen within a few treatments. The HYPOXI-Dermology Comfort Lounger is fully adjustable and easy to use.