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Trainer S120

New Mums

Have you ever wanted to shape your figure so you can wear your favourite skirt or a tight pair of pants? The S120 is the most effective action you can take against stubborn fat deposits in the lower body region. The S120 has developed a unique way of burning fatty acids by simultaneously applying three highly effective therapies on the treated problem areas. Enjoy your training sessions in full knowledge that every minute of treatment time in the S120 is activating fat metabolism in the problem areas – the legs, buttocks and hips.

The S120 can alter the shape of your lower body by successfully combining three therapies -- concentrating each of their effects and advantages in one device.

Activating fat burning

Applying low pressure – Vacuum therapy

The application of low pressure draws the blood into the dermal layer and fatty tissue and boosts circulation. This allows blood enriched with nutrients and oxygen to enter the problem areas and effectively transport toxins and burnt fatty acids away from the region.

Transportation of fatty acids

Applying high pressure – Compression therapy

The application of high pressure promotes the transport of the fatty acids in the blood to the muscles - where the burning of fat takes place. This form of therapy also relieves pressure on the veins and the lymphatic organs.

Fat burning

Training and Exercise – a form of therapy itself

It is a well-accepted fact that movement is essential for fat burning. Exercise is therefore a critical element of the S120. The S120 is fitted with a high quality ergo meter which is ideal for comfortable and sustainable fat burning.

The latest technology and complex computer software allows every S120 client to have their own personalised program. Heart rate and skin temperature are constantly monitored throughout the treatment to ensure the client is on track to achieving the desired results. The S120 training program is easy to set and the positioning is fully adjustable, so training is always conducted in complete comfort.