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FAQs - Frequently asked questions

Is HYPOXI®-Training only for Ladies?

No, the HYPOXI®-Method is suitable for both men and women. The Vacunaut® Training targets fat loss from the waist stomach and hips. In your studio a special individual training program will be tailor made for you.

What is HYPOXI®-Dermology?

The HYPOXI®-Dermology is the 4 in 1 treatment, it firms and regenerates the connective tissue and skin, activates the lymphatic system, as well as eliminate toxins. It’s the ideal way to reduce water retention and create smooth looking skin.

What clothing should I bring with me?

Vacunaut Training: Most HYPOXI®-Studios will provide you with a Vacunaut®-Under suit and you just need to bring socks and sports shoes. For detailed information please contact your HYPOXI®-Studio. Please bring your own headphones in order to use our iPads.

HYPOXI®-Training and Dermology Treatment: A pair of loose fitting sports bottoms, a T-Shirt, socks and sports shoes.

Can I exercise and do other sports in addition to HYPOXI®?

If you need to do other sports on the same day as HYPOXI® it should be undertaken at least 6-8 hours before the HYPOXI®-Training session and should be moderate and not intense sports. On other days between HYPOXI®-Training: Cardio, weight training and all other sports are allowed.On HYPOXI®-Training Day: No sports activities are advised to be taken on the same day, particularly sports after your HYPOXI® session, as this will shorten the after effects.

Who is excluded of the HYPOXI®-Method?

For persons with serious illnesses of the:
- Heart or circulation system
- the blood vessels
- the metabolism
- bones and muscles

HYPOXI®-Training is not suitable for:
- Pregnant woman
- For those who currently have Inflammations and infections
- Body Pain

Precondition – if mild bike training is allowed!
If you have any medical conditions and propose to undertake HYPOXI® please feel free to consult your health care professional - your health is our upmost concern.

I am breast feeding, am I suitable to do HYPOXI®?

For those who are breast feeding, HYPOXI®-Training on our cycling machines are most suitable. The HYPOXI®-Dermology treatments and Vacunaut® are NOT recommended whilst nursing.

Is HYPOXI® invasive?

HYPOXI® is a Non-Invasive, natural method to targeted fat loss. Fat is reduced the natural way through moderate exercise and body shaping is achieved through our revolutionary trainers.

How much time do I need?

For those who just wish to do training like the S120 / L250 or Vacunaut®, this takes just 30 minutes of your time.

The HYPOXI® Combination session for ladies consists of 2 devices, 20 Min. HYPOXI®-Dermology treatment + 30 Min. HYPOXI®- Training.

Please allow an extra 20 minutes for your first session (for body-analysis and measurements) Best results for shaping your body are achieved by doing 3 training sessions per week.

Should I follow special nutrition?

On HYPOXI®-Training-Days: Remember sufficient liquid intake (Approximately 2-3 litres of water, with 0 calories, or Herbal/Green Tea)

Before HYPOXI®-Training: About 2 – 4 hours before your session, meals based on carbohydrates (preferably wholegrain products) can be consumed. Make sure you don’t train on a full stomach and give yourself enough time to digest your meal before you start training.

After HYPOXI®-Training: It is advised to not consume carbohydrates, sugar or alcohol for the rest of the day. Meals based on proteins and vegetables can be eaten.

Non-HYPOXI® days – Everything in moderation, small changes can make a big difference.

Why do you measure the skin temperature at the thigh?

During classical training we have a tendency to be warmer above the chest area where there’s better blood circulation and colder below. Which is why it’s more difficult to shape in the lower half. HYPOXI® on the other hand uses vacuum and compression therapy to increase bloody flow to our troubled areas. By using a temperature device on our trainers, this monitors and indicates to us the circulation has been drawn to our target areas.

After pregnancy when is it possible to start HYPOXI®-Training?

6 weeks - After “normal” birth, if your gynecologist allows mild bike training.
8 weeks - After a Caesarean, then only if your gynecologist allows mild bike training

When do I see results?

Depending on the individual, as everyone’s body reacts differently, customers tends to see their first results after approximately 6 sessions.

Can I open my own HYPOXI Studio?

Yes! We are the sole authorized distributor and master-franchisee of HYPOXI® in the People’s Republic of China. The HYPOXI-Method® is now successfully in use in over 50 countries worldwide, on all 5 continents. HYPOXI® is proving not only to be an effective weight loss and cellulite solution for men and women, but also a highly profitable one. The beauty of HYPOXI® is that it can be set up in an existing health, fitness or beauty business, or established as a stand-alone studio. Please contact us on for more information.