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About Us

Revolutionary Body Shaping has Arrived in China

The HYPOXI® systems are manufactured by GmbH as company based in Salzburg, Austria. Since 1998, this company has worked to create effective male and female fitness training products based on the latest scientific research. The company’s founder, Dr. Norbert Egger, was a lipodystrophy and weight loss professional with more than 30 years of experience in his field, who recognized the importance that circulation plays in the body’s natural fat burning processes and developed the HYPOXI® body shaping systems based on his research.

A proven male and female fitness training system backed by science

Education is a key factor in the success of the HYPOXI® brand. All HYPOXI® operators and coaches become certified only after extensive training which ensures they have a comprehensive knowledge of physiology, nutrition, training and of course the operational requirements of the HYPOXI® system.

HYPOXI® is a brand which is constantly striving to improve and works to continually upgrade products based on the latest scientific advancements and industry developments. We ensure the skills of our HYPOXI® coaches are also kept up to date with this changing technology with frequent training courses.

Placing an emphasis on quality

HYPOXI® Quality Management is a team of developers headed by a Quality Controller that ensures all HYPOXI® products meet the strictest criteria for quality and durability, while selecting materials of only the highest standard. HYPOXI® Quality Management oversees all processes during production including digital design, mould fabrication and component assembly.

Because the production site is near the HYPOXI® head office, located in Salzburg, all departments are able to communicate efficiently including company management, production personnel and the development team. This enables HYPOXI® to apply improvements to products in a much shorter time span and provide our users with effective results for body shaping in China.

Our Philosophy

“There are countless definitions of beauty. We think it is the harmony between health, well-being and attractiveness.” At HYPOXI®, our mission is to help our customers achieve their dream figure with quick, natural and safe body shaping in across China and all over the world. Each and every one of our employees is focused on this goal from studio coaches to research and development personnel. HYPOXI® devised a method to achieve this objective, basing research around established principles which are then passed on through highly effective training.

Thanks to the real results of the HYPOXI® methods, we have become the world’s premier supplier of weight loss systems which utilise vacuum technology with a distribution network spanning more than 50 countries. HYPOXI® guides people to improved self-confidence and increased satisfaction with life by helping them reach their dream body shape.

HYPOXI® & in China

We are the only licensed distributor and master-franchisee of HYPOXI® in the People’s Republic of China. Our method is used by customers from all around the world, and has proven to be more than just an incredible solution for male and female fitness training in China and abroad. Businesses can use HYPOXI® to drive their success, as the system can be conveniently established within any existing business or in a dedicated studio. To find out more, get in touch with us at