Shape your body and control weight the smart way

Achieve the body shape you’ve always dreamed of with advanced body sculpting technology from HYPOXI. If you lead an active and nutritionally balanced life but still struggle to shift stubborn pockets of fat, then it’s time to train just smarter with HYPOXI. By activating your body’s natural fat burning systems, HYPOXI works to help you to get rid of fat pockets at your target area as well as smooth and tone your skin. HYPOXI is scientifically proven to be 3 x more effective at targeted fat burning than regular exercise and is hailed by the international press for being the most widely used method for a beautiful body worldwide. Start your body revolution by contacting your nearest HYPOXI Studio in China.

How it works

The HYPOXI-Vacunaut® system is the most effective solution to target the abdominal and hip region. It features a Vacunaut® pressure suit containing 140 integrated pressure chambers that applies high and low pressure to problem areas. The point to use pressure is to increase blood circulation to target fatty tissues, whilst you exercise on the treadmill. The feeling is just like a mini-massage during a low intensity workout.


Finally, the long-awaited request is fulfilled, for a flat stomach and tight skin.

Many women have problems with loose skin and excess fat after pregnancy. Even sports and diets usually don’t provide the desired results.

But do not be discouraged, because the HYPOXI-Method® works wonders!


Are you looking to shape up even though you are working out intensely or do you like to regenerate your muscles from your exercise regime? HYPOXI® might just be the answer...


Real Results



New HYPOXI-Studio in Chengdu

Following the great success of our studios in more than 50 countries, HYPOXI's first studio in China opened in Chengdu. The well appointed studio is located in the prosperous community of Tongzilin and conveniently connected to the public transport network. We are happy to bring our effective weight-loss and toning secrets to even more people - and now also in China.

Lose weight and shape your body with the revolutionary HYPOXI-Method

HYPOXI might seem like one of those ‘too good to be true’ solutions to lose weight but that’s because it takes a radically different, scientifically proven approach to achieve truly astounding results. This moderate training regime doesn’t simply rely on the starvation of excess calorie burning techniques to lose weight, in fact it targets your weight and circumference loss thanks to its patented, all-natural and holistic approach. HYPOXI came about as a result of extensive research into how the body burns fat and is designed to stimulate these natural systems so that you can target your weight loss through just moderate training and a healthy and balanced diet. HYPOXI works through a combination of three things; vacuum therapy, compression therapy and moderate training to stimulate the body’s natural circulatory systems and metabolic processes. The HYPOXI-Method has you working out intelligently rather than excessively and leads to easy, sustainable and targeted weight loss.

Helping people around the world

Don't struggle with painful, difficult weight loss training programs any more. Whether you’re at one of our studios in Shanghai, Shenzhen or Chengdu or at any other location near you, you’ll be part of a global body sculpting revolution. HYPOXI is the best weight loss and body shaping program available in the modern fitness industry. Make an appointment with your preferred location today and change your life for the better.